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Monday, May 7, 2012


A poem by Deebachelvan in Thamizh titled
[யாரோ ஒருவருடைய பிள்ளை]

Translated into English by Latha Ramakrishnan

The dirges and the requiems being heard all over
the Land destroyed
melt and dissolve the fortresses.
The life and the face that can never be destroyed
in the burial ground
keep growing.
That being smashed and broken,
that, mutilated beyond recognition and being buried in
is but the dear child of someone.

What to do with those tombs
so cruelly demolished?
The powdered bones that can never be contained in anything _
Oh, can they fill it all in their feeding cups and bowls?
Oh, can one eat them and get relieved of hunger
and so dance merrily?
When the parents - God knows who -
cry incessantly within,
beating their hearts in silence
and lament
the tears drown the tombs.

Someone’s child
lie there bearing the impact of bomb
for Something.
In the Erukkalai forest that is not accessible
Someone has burnt ‘Saambraani’.
The smoke rises.
Lamps are lit.
Gathering round the ‘Erukkalai’ roots
Some are discussing.

Once upon a time these hapless people
had sent their children for Something.
In each and every tomb
that are being kicked and demolished
for each and everything
Someone’s child who had all along been deep in sleep,
squirms now, sleepless.


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