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Monday, May 7, 2012


A POEM IN Thamizh by Deepachelvan
titled URANGAADHA NILAM[உறங்காத நிலம்]

Translated into English by Latha Ramakrishnan

In this time when Land and beings
Wander sleeplessly: I know the place where you remain
With sleep proving elusive.
Monstrous feet that devovour Land
stamp on and crush the land full of seeds.
Like you
All have been but buried alive.
Therefore, the Land writhes and quivers every now and then.
Blood tears dreams and love keep
seeping everywhere

In the Land where you remain wide awake
Demons wander hungrily.
In the night when the Land is being plundered,
felled and taken away in wagons
Alas, what can you do?
Ah, what will you do those words that you retain
in my remembrance?
Your strands of hair getting entwined in the land
keep flying always.

When I long to kiss you
I kiss the land of our communion.
Underneath the land of our being
You wander in search of me
Are there streets and lanes?
Are there spaces where we can mutually exchange our love
And affection?
as our Great Dream that lies frozen in blood
our love too is alive.
Just as our Love
Our Dream too is immortal.
Probing the sandy stretches and plunging into the small sea
I keep searching for you.

The loneliness of the separation after defeat
is getting filled up with the deadly darkness that kill me.
In these times bereft of your kisses
my sky remains all dark.
Regarding you
Our city and land keep deceiving me
Along with the burning thirst of our dreamy people
The taste of our kiss too – this Land knows.
The Land that stays wide awake
insists that it would sprout again.
With the Dream and Time with its different hours
oh, will you also sprout
from the Land of Love?

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