'Pathunku Kuzhiyil Pirantha Kuzhanthai’ (poems of deebachelvan) poem book was released on 12 of January 2009 by kalachuvadu in Chennai book fair. # four poems are Translated on deebam english site. # "The war begins from the Childen’s dreams" poem was Translated in some days ago on deebam english site.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Theepachelvan’s poem titled உனக்காக கொந்தளிப்பேன்
Rendered in English by Latha Ramakrishnan(*First Draft)

Wherefrom they sprung
to destroy my town yesterday
and yours today?
My friend, I who raise my voice for you
know only too well the pain of loss.

Why did they break my house yesterday
and that of yours today?
I who is anguishing for you from a badly damaged house
knows only too well the agony of homelessness.

Who are they who threw bombs at me yesterday and
swords against you today?
I who suffer for you, with wounds afresh
know only too well the raw flesh.

What for they smash my temples and your mosques?
I, who pray for you
from the land where gods too are butchered
know only too well the sorrow of being abandoned.

I don’t have a cap.
And you don’t have the sacred-ash
Yet our blood being sucked
For the eyes of blood-thirsty animals
absolutely no difference.

My sisters don’t wear purdah;
Your sisters don’t wear flowers
on their hair.
Yet our tears are being gulped.
For the eyes of blood-thirsty animals
You and I are no different.

My friend, I who wipe your tears
and rage for you
know only too well the malevolence of oppression.

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