'Pathunku Kuzhiyil Pirantha Kuzhanthai’ (poems of deebachelvan) poem book was released on 12 of January 2009 by kalachuvadu in Chennai book fair. # four poems are Translated on deebam english site. # "The war begins from the Childen’s dreams" poem was Translated in some days ago on deebam english site.

Friday, December 8, 2017


A poem by Theebachelvan
Enough of seeing the war –stone that had
smashed our hearts.
Enough of seeing the statue of your soldier
who has killed and thrown us and shout victoriously.
Enough of seeing the stone-map, that,
wrecking our nation,
dance as one country on our mutilated bodies
Come to the land where our warriors are sown
My dear Sinhalese Brothers!
Come and see the wounds on our faces.
Please see the gallantry of those gigantic feet
That had crushed our heads for centuries.
Please witness the valour of your militia
that had bombarded the tombs.
Please see their grandeur of scaring the sleep
of the dead
and denying them place to lie in peace.
Just sit for a while and talk to our tombs
My dear Sinhalese Sisters.
Each atom of the tombs damaged
would convey our thirst;
would carry the dream of our generation.

Rendered in English by Latha Ramakrishnan

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